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Q: Do you fill every single crack in my driveway/parking lot?
A: It depends on what your estimate states. We will only fill the amount specified on your estimate. In some cases this will not be all of your cracks. *Please read this part carefully.* Every driveway/parking lot is different, if you have any questions as to what will be done please call or email us.

Q: What are alligated cracks?


Q: Why dont you fill alligated cracks?
A: In most cases the asphalt is too far deteriorated in these areas and will need to be saw cut, removed and replaced, so we do not waste your money on filling them will rubber.

Q: What will my cracks look like when they are filled with rubber?
(Picture has not been sealcoated yet which will help to blend the crack with the newly sealed surface)


Q: You just sealed my driveway and we have ants making mounds around our rubber crackfill.
A: Ants can burrow their way through our rubber crackfilling to get out of their homes. Unfortunately we can not stop this.

Q: How long do I have to stay off from my newly sealed surface?
A: We recommend 18-36hrs depending on temperature and shade trees.


Q: What is the difference between an asphalt overlay and a saw cut remove and replace?
A: An overlay is new asphalt placed over the old asphalt. A cut out is saw cut and removed and replaced to the original thickness.


overlay20asphalt Overlay
Asphalt is tack coated and place on top of existing asphalt. This will leave a small bump when you drive over the patch.
  asphalt20cut20out Saw Cut
Old asphalt is removed and new asphalt is placed. This will ensure a smooth transition when you drive over the patch.


Q: How long before I can drive on a newly patched area?
A: We would like you to stay off from overlays for 24hrs and cut outs for 48hrs. This also depends on temperature. Hot temperatures can keep the asphalt soft for days.

Q: How long will sealcoating my driveway last?
A: Depending on many variable conditions including weather, traffic, snowplows, trees, etc.. on average you will need to have us seal your driveway every 2-3 summers.


Q: When can I turn my sprinklers back on?
A: 24-48 hrs depending on temperature.

Q: Will you baracade the end of the driveway?
A: Yes


If you have any other questions please call or email us.